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customized gifts for her Architextures™ Treasures – Old Lantern Layout personalised birthday gifts

Architextures? Trinkets, Findings and Treasures is perfect for any craft or mixed media projects. Use one of the items to get a realistic look of an item that fits your project, or replace a photo on a layout with one of the items to get a really cool effect. The best part is that the packing can be used as well!

Using the?Treasures –; Old Lantern?was an easy choise when I picked out the photo I wanted to use for this layout. The picture of the camp fire works really well with the Architextures Treasure. It actually looks like the Lantern is hanging therecustomized gifts for her, don′t you think?

pillow cases vintage

This vintage lantern?is the prefect rendition of a lantern?of the past, made and textured to look real.? This lantern is perfect for layouts, featured photos and more.

Facts about the item:

single lantern embellishment




packaging features vintage printed paper as a bonus

Scraps from different 7gypsies papers, and a 7gypsies stamp work really well with the Old Lantern to create the rustic, contemporary look I was aiming for. Even though the layout has a lot of layers the treasure piece stickers?to the surface really easy –; the adhesive?on the back is really tacky and strong.

Don′t you just love that the Treasures looks good even on closeups like this. The quality and details are amazing!

Products from Canvas Corp Brands:

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