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Hi Canvas Corp Brands fans!!

We are launching a new segment here at Canvas Corp BrandsFriday with Friends.?A time when our Crew Members showcase how wellCCB products, Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp and 7gypsiescustomized gifts for her,? play with another brand.

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Today Crew Member Lynne Forsythe has chosenImpression Obsession/Yvonne Blair Designs

When I started on my Friday with Friends creative journey,I took it literally.I knew I wanted to use IOStamps that were designed by my dear friend Yvonne Blair. I had come across a piece of Canvas Corp ~ White Chipboard ~ Handmade Paper and knew instantly what stamp I wanted to use…; the Swirly Vine Stamp

When did you start designing for Impression Obsession?I started designing for Impression Obsession in 2015. ?

How did your partnership come about?The partnership was a complete blessing.? I had a 10 minute meeting with Mitra, the owner of IO, pitched my idea and much to my shock she liked it…;and the partnership was born.? I never ever imagined I would have such an opportunity, but I followed my heart, took a leap and am living proof that dreams can come true!? I am so very thankful Mitra took a chance on this quirky girl and gave me a chance to make a dream come true.

Do you know how many stamps you have designed?Over 200…;.I’;ve lost count, lol. ?

Where does your inspiration come from?My inspiration comes from what’;s going on in my life.? I’;m an emotional person and that tends to guide me in my designs.? I also have a quirky side and that lends itself to creating as well.? I would say life and the world around me.—; Yvonne Blair

I had a lot of fun pairing Canvas Corp Brands products, Tattered Angels and Canvas Corpwith Impression Obsession Stamps and LOVED the end results.

Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Organic GardenTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Lime CordialTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Glam ~ Lady BugTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ Precious MetalsTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ Tutti FruttiTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ English IvyTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ It’;s BrownTattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist ~ BronzeTattered Angels ~ Baseboard ~ Ivory

Canvas Corp? ~ Handmade Paper ~ White ChipboardCanvas Corp ~ Greeting Cards ~ KraftCanvas Corp ~ Colored Burlap ~ ChocolateCanvas Corp ~ Colored Burlap ~ HunterCanvas Corp ~ 12 x 12 Burlap Sheet ~ Natural

Swirly VineEveryday Quotes 2

This dresser is my favorite styling project yet! ?I just can’t get over how much I love it! ?Removing the matching mirror from the dresser gave me a clean slate to work with. ?Unlike my other styling experiments, where I tried multiple variations, for this one I knew exactly what I wanted. ?I was eyeing decor all around my house for months that I longed to move to our bedroom and this was my chance.

Being with an emotional person requires dealing with extra love, care, and compassion. Because a lot of things keep going in their mind and you wouldn’t want deliberately to say or do anything that triggers their emotions. They are the most kind-hearted people in the world who would take any pain to make your day or put a smile on your face. If you are the one blessed with a super emotional dad, then everything mentioned above would make sense to you. The way he keeps an hourly report of your whereabouts and enquires whether you have eaten food or not may bug you at times. But, the heart of a father is like that, always concerned about his kid.

Our Business Interiors team recently helped design the new Well Good headquarters in New York City. We chatted with?Well Good‘s digital designer Ems McCarthy to learn what went into creating the “wellness oasis.” (Hint: it involves Kombucha on tap!)