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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils fans! If we were to write a Christmas song, it would probably be called Deck the Halls with Lots of Stencil Patterns! Not only do we love the Holiday season but we love seeing our Christmas Stencils act as a backdrop to the sparkly decor. ? Stenciling is an easy and inexpensive way to add pattern to your space. Recently Home Depot featured the decorated dining room of one of our favorite DIY bloggers, Lolly Jane. Come take a look…;

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We’;d like to welcome back Kelli and Kristicustomized gifts for her, the creative duo and mastermind behind the DIY blog Lolly Jane.? You might remember their infamous yellow stenciled dining room. It’;s a room that makes us weak? in the knees and slightly giddy because it’;s so gorgeous.? Kelli painted this feature wall in her dining room using our Julia Allover stencil.? Our interlocking stencil designs help decorators achieve the look of wallpaper stencils. She used Benjamin Moore’;s Creme Brulee 2022-70 as the background color and stenciled the flower pattern in Jackson Square by Sherwin-Williams.? Kelli commented, “;It was ridiculously easy. ?Everyone that sees it thinks it’s wallpaper. ”;? She painted the hutch a bright turquoise and had a whole new look for her space.

Now you might be wondering, how she could possibly decorate that space for the holidays.? Splashes of red and green might clash with the mustard yellow and turquoise.? Kelli says, “;Christmas is, of course, all about the cheer that is spread this time of year but for us, it’s also about being cheery. We have avoided the red and green color scheme for several years now and instead sported pops of red, turquoise and mustard/gold.?It’s not very traditional, but we love how bright it is!”;? We love both her cheery disposition and decorating style.

If you love her style and untraditional color scheme then here’;s how you could easily recreate it.? First you’;re going to have to stencil a gorgeous accent wall using the?Julia Allover stencil, a popular floral stencil pattern.? Next, Kelli used an old tree limb to help display her decor.? She wrapped fishing line around the limb and hung gold and white Christmas balls from it along with some cordless mini lights.

Since they don’;t have a mantle to hang the stockings on, Kelli used a wooden ladder that her husband built for her craft space.? The white stockings and jumbo fabric candy canes hang perfectly now.

Kelli also picked up a couple of small potted Christmas trees at her local Home Depot.? They didn’;t quite fit the space at first so she sprayed the base with a coat of metallic paint and then lightly dusted the tree with Rust-Oleum white spray paint.? Here is a before and after.

Neutral rustic elements help complete her decorated space like these cinnamon scented pine cones and birch wood LED candle lights.

A dash of spray paint can help make things blend like this moose head that was painted white and metallic gold.

That about wraps up this decorated house tour.

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

We had some fun playing with our Brother Sewing Machine and making the cutest Halloween Totes ever!!!! ?You know how the machine has all those cute stitches and you?only use a few? Well here is a chance to try some different stitches on simple canvas tote bags to make them look oh so cute.

It’s called the Everlast because, of course, it’s reusable forever. The pages feel like paper, but they’re made of a polyester composite that’s fully erasable with a damp cloth when you write on it with the right kind of ink (Pilot FriXions are what Rocketbook suggests). Scrawl notes as you usually do, and once you’re done, wipe them off and start over —?ad infinitum. (Rocketbook makes a notebook that you can erase five times via the microwave, but this is so much better.)

What's more fun around Christmas time than taking family photos that can be printed off and revisit over the years? There will always be that one family member busting to get into the shot, whilst another will shy away from the camera. Retaking photos until everyone's eyes are open and making sure the dog stays still. Do these moments sound familiar?