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Welcome back, my DIY bathroom renovators!? Is that rickety old bathroom of yours screaming “;make me into something glamorous”;?? Have you been living with a hideous bathroom in dire need of some stencil love and care?? It’;s no secret that bathrooms are one of the heaviest used rooms in the house. Maybe that’;s why they often need the most attention when you move into your? home. And we all know that with today’;s financial restraints, its not always an option to completely gut the bathroom. Cutting Edge Stencils is here to help with this awesome bathroom makeover that will transform your space in no time!

So put down that sledge hammer because there will be no demo’;ing today.? Instead lets ease our way on over to this makeover project that was done by Kellicustomized gifts for her, one of the amazing crafty DIY girls behind the blog Lolly Jane.

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Kelli had a boring white guest bathroom in her house that she longed to completely gut and redo.? While it certainly wasn’;t hideous by any stretch (see below); Kelli says “;my guest bath was beyond outdated… it is 30 years old and was just screaming for a makeover.”;? She wanted to glam the space up and give it that designer feel but the budget for the project was not so high-end.? So she put her creative DIY hat on and started to find crafty ways to glam up the space on super tight budget.? Having stenciled in the past (see her sister’;s stenciled curtains project and her dining room wall) she was familiar with the stunning look of wall stencils. She decided to redo the white walls using the Harmony Damask Stencil in a turquoise.

On her blog, Kelli gives her readers the inside scoop on her DIY bathroom makeover project.? Did you know she made those counter tops using a special paint that looks like granite?? Or how about using those mason jars to organize the kid’;s items rather than a medicine cabinet.? She also spills the beans on how she create that beautiful white frame for her mirror.? I have to say, I’;m pretty impressed that she was able to pull this look together for under $100!

Absolutely Gorgeous! Kelli says, “;Hope you like this fun?turquoise bathroom redo! We love fun, bright colors that make our home feel cozy.”; And I have to say I do!

The cheerful turquoise and white is an unexpected color combination for the classic damask stencil design yet? it works for the space. I love the vibrant twist in this color-charged color scheme because it has such a playful essence.? When combined with the timeless Harmony Damask stencil design, it give this guest bathroom a stunning modern look.? Simple yellow accents like the hand towels add a some visual interest in a contrasting color. To get this look consider using Benjamin Moore’;s island paradise 606 and snow white 2122-70.? The new bathroom is simply stunning! Well done, Kelli!

Are you working on a room makeover in your house?? We’;d love to hear about your projects in the comments below!

Haven’;t had enough?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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