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customized gifts for her Amazing Contemporary Home Seating funny cushion covers

With retro style at an all time high, the demand for wall art to match the sixties furniture remakes has soared. Andy Warhol is the obvious name to drop when looking for such work but if you want to remain one step ahead of the crowd why not bag yourself some reprints by the original Pop Art master, the man who inspired much of Warhol’s work- Roy Lichtenstein?

pillow cases vintage

Whether you want Chintz or vintage for a country cottage or Shabby Chic styled interiorcustomized gifts for her, roses for a formal manor style, a traditional repeat pattern, abstract blooms or the latest pixelated images of flowers and foliage, there's a floral pattern to suit any kind of home and interior design style. Let's start with Chintz and vintage as their popularity is gathering momentum at a considerable speed.