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customized gifts for her Amazing Dual Purpose Tables funny cushion covers

A side table that allows your dog to sit inside – simply brilliant design thinking.?

Keep your wine bottles save with this cool hall table – another great storage solution. ? ? ?

personalized gifts for grandparents

This enormous tablet coffee table is awesome.? ??

Patio table with centralised barbecue when needed has some clever thinking behind the idea. ? ?

Don’t you hate not having a seam ripper or screwdriver (or needle threader or safety pin) when you need one? I never know what tools I’ll need when I teach,?monitor,?or take classes, so I’ve gathered together some?items I need most often and put them?into a small plastic tube (about the size of a soda can). It fits easily into my project bag or suitcasecustomized gifts for her, and keeps my tools from getting jumbled in with my sewing notions and supplies.

We often say that the goal of decorating your home is toexpress your personality through furniture, art, and accessories, and walking into interior designer Maggie Griffin’s home, it’s evident she’s done just that. Her 1940’s brick cottageis layered, inviting, warm, and has an irresistible Southern charm thatdraws you in. She masterfully uses wallpaper throughout the house, has curated a gorgeous collection of art, and mixes family heirlooms with recent finds.

Every year I look for ways to save money during the Holiday's. One way to cut cost and add extra gifts under the tree is to make my own gifts for my girls and nieces! Most of these gifts can be made in less than an hour!Follow us on etsy and Instagram @pinehillsfarm