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customized gifts for her Design Of The Day 4 - Trendy And Sophisticated funny cushion covers

Are you trendy and sophisticated? Do you want a home to reflect your character and personal style? The results of combining these distinct decorating traits is a home that is modern and with the trends, but subtle enough to not be seen as just following a trend. Very stylish it is, but in a low-key and mature way. This is at least how we would define trendy and sophisticated!

Time to move forward and show you some of the ideas and tips we have that will help you to plan your own home décor; trendy, sophisticated - you can have them both! · In the kitchencustomized gifts for her, trendy and sophisticated could come in the form of light wood cabinets and black granite worktops; white units can look just as good with the contrast of black.

personalized gifts for her

Smooth the look with an off-white or cream paint on the walls, cream tiles and white Venetian blinds. Stainless steel appliances will ensure that the look is modern and robust. Keep work surfaces tidy and free of knick-knacks. · A trendy look for the bathroom is to have a white suite with wooden bath panel and wooden stand for the sink. It has an eco-friendly look to it, something which homes are moving towards a lot in the last few years.

With a simple and modern suite in white, the wood encasing the bath and that used for the sink table; the only other element you might want to add is natural stone for wall or floor tiles. If you do have the budget to re-tile, then we suggest a warm tone. Use cream towels, bath mats and natural roller blinds made to measure.

A touch of green in accessories would enhance this sophisticated bathroom. · We spoke a lot of neutral palettes, which seem to boost a refined décor. Black and white or monochrome as we like to call it, is amongst one of the few colour pairings that never becomes dated. A black and white décor will always be sophisticated and trendy if you use clean lines and simple pieces. You might wish to change textiles occasionally or add pattern for more interest.

Try black and white wallpaper in the dining room on one focal wall or dare to wear a black duvet cover in the bedroom instead of plain white. Changing statement accessories from time to time will also stop the décor from becoming dull or lifeless.

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If you’ve ever wondered if you can paint without without sanding, I have the solution for you! Liquid Sandpaper! You can paint over stained wood, painted wood and so much more with this simple method.

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