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customized gifts for her How to Infuse Turquoise in Home Decor- floral cushion covers

Turquoise, the greenish blue colour can be tricky to work with when it comes to home dé;cor. While, some people love the colour for its ornamental significance, infusing it in your home dé;cor can be a task. But, it is gradually gaining prominence and is being intended as an accent colour in home design and dé;cor. Turquoise colour can be perfect for giving an ornamental and traditional touch to your home. There are different ways how you can use this colour in an impactful manner, striking the right balance.

1. Turquoise on the Wall: Getting a lot of showpieces in turquoise colour can make the room dé;cor, too dark and loud. Butcustomized gifts for her, how about adding a floating wall shelve in turquoise colour. Subtle yet striking, it will add brightness to the room and give you some extra storage and decoration space.

personalized gifts for her

2. Stylishly Subtle on the Bed: If you like to infuse colours as per your mood, then don’t add turquoise in the form of a permanent element. Rather, do it stylishly and in a subtle manner by adding a turquoise bed cover or cushion. When you want that old warm, ethnic charm in your room, then take out that turquoise bed set and achieve the look with ease.

3. Relaxing &; Reverberating on the Window: Some colours have a relaxing and deep tone, and turquoise definitely falls into this category. If you also desire this, then go for a turquoise designer curtain in your bedroom. Depending on the tone, this colour can add a calming and cavernous effect. Moreover, adding a curtain in this colour will help you enjoy privacy and a beautiful bluish green colour effect in the room when the sun is shining bright and filtering into your room through these curtains.

4. Accentuate &; Act as a Frill: If you are not certain of this colour choice, but wish to experiment, then adding turquoise as a timeless trim and tieback can do the trick. You can explore curtain tie backs and trimmings in this colour and try it on the cushion covers or curtains giving a different look and feel to the room in a soft and subtle manner.

Experimenting with different colours in home dé;cor is on your mind? Well, give it a try with the above ideas, which will not cost a big hole in your pocket, yet allow you to try out with ease. If you are looking for a fresh, turquoise range of furnishings and home accessories, then you can view the latest collection by Deco Window. We have recently launched a refreshing collection of turquoise bedding, curtains, wall shelves and tiebacks, which can give your home a new and unique look. To check the range, click here and give your home a discrete makeover. From giving a traditional tint to a soothing touch, it can work in wonderful ways in adding to the room dé;cor. This colour has its own charm and appeal. This colour stone is also worn for well-being and protection. So, try infusing this soft and stylish colour in your home the easy way with these Deco Window products and accentuate your home, with ease.

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