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customized gifts for her Stop Slumming It & Make Your Bed! funny cushion covers

Today is Make Your Bed Day. It's a day when we're all encouraged to stop slumming it and make our beds. Your bedroom will instantly look neater by making your bed, but did you know that clean bedding is also good for your health? Bedbugs are on the rise so to speak.

We may associate them with the past but today they're more prevalent than ever; furthermore a bedbug infestation can make you feel pretty rotten both physically and emotionallycustomized gifts for her, not to mention that you may also be covered in nasty red bites. ?

burlap throw pillow covers

Now your little ones can carry your heart with them wherever they go. I had so much fun making this heart-shaped bag and I can’t wait to give it to little Scarlet on Valentine’s Day. Her enthusiasm for the holiday is raching mythical proportions, eclipsing even Christmas. Every morning she runs into my room yelling “MOMMY IS IT VALENTINE’S DAY TODAY???!?!”

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