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DIY Christmas Gifts are some of my favorite things to make! Sometimes we overthink what to make when there are so many ideas for easy DIY?Christmas gifts.

I always fall back on using iron-on transfer paper. Seriously, it’;s one of the easiest and coolest products to use. I have made my share of iron on transfer dish towels, because why not? I love having seasonal dish towels for every holiday or time of year. I had this little red car with the Christmas tree designed, just so I could share it with you all. There is just something about a red car or truck with a tree on top! ? ??

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They also make the quickest DIY?Christmas gifts and people LOVE them! Last yearcustomized gifts for her, I whipped up a couple dish towels for an annual holiday party we have with our “;lake family”;. The lake where everyone has property is located in North Central Oregon, called Pinehollow. I grabbed an image of Oregon and used PicMonkey?to create the star image and the text. (affiliate link)

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Click the car to download your own copy.Download your design and print onto iron-on transfer paper. You’;ll be printing on the dull side. There is usually a red stripe on the iron side. The packaging has pretty good instructions.Trim your designPlace your design face down on your item. ?If you’;re using something like the muslin bags I have in the photo, you may want to place a piece of cardstock inside to prevent any image bleeding to the other side, which may also make it stick together.?Use a hot iron with NO STEAM! Press and iron for about 10 seconds or so pressing firmlyLet it cool, the paper will be very hotOnce it’;s cool, slowly peel the paper away to reveal your design. If it didn’;t take, repeat steps 4 through 6

Grab your free Mulling Spice gift tags and the Mulling spice recipe.?These make great DIY?Christmas gifts, or maybe a party parting gift? Or…; what about using it on your dinner table as a placeholder and something they can take home?

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The problem with trying to get new furniture in your home is that it might be far too expensive to buy. This is especially the case with your sofa. Such a large piece of furniture will cost a great deal of money to acquire.

After reading wrique's excellent instructable ?on making mitten warmers, I decided to try making a neck warmer. ?I wanted something that could be microwaved and then sit around the neck, to keep someone warm during cold winter walks. ?I came up with a design that was very popular with my girlfriend, and my mother asked me to make her one too. ?The second time around, I took pictures of the process so that I could make this instructable. ?Here is what you'll need to make your own!Materials: * Scissors * A thin, round-ended dowel * Paper and tape (optional) * Some kind of soft fabric (a square yard should be plenty) * Small scraps of a second fabric for the front of the ears (technically optional, could use same fabric) * Sewing machine with thread, sewing pins * Needle, thicker thread for embroidering face * Two roughly brick-sized packages of red beans (sorry, I forget the exact size) ?

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