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customized gifts for her Glitter Spray Paint- Make your House Sparkle! custom anniversary gifts

As a Lowe’;s Creative Ideas Creator &; Influencer, our challenge this month was to “;Make our House Sparkle for the New Year”;.? My first thought was GLITTER Spray paint!

I usually don’;t decorate for New Years Eve.? But I do like to represent “;winter”; after all the Christmas decorations are put away.? Each year, I buy white poinsettias because they cross over into January easier than the red ones.? Why not make THEM sparkle?? Any excuse to play with glittercustomized gifts for her, right? ?This glittered Champagne Bottle?was SO easy and great for New Years Eve Decor.

soft throw pillow covers

Valspar makes a great glitter spray paint in several colors. They had green, red, silver and gold at my local Lowes. I chose the silver, took my poinsettias outside and got busy. (I also got my Poinsettia’;s there…;..they had BIG ones for much less)? Because this glitter spray paint is very light, there was no fear in coating the flower completely. It’;s just enough to give it a nice sheen when the sun or light hits it. If I WAS decorating for New Years Eve, these would be perfect! They’;ll also be perfect to move me into January.

Of course this can be done with red poinsettias too.?? It’;s all personal preference. It was hard to really capture how shimmery they turned out. They really are beautiful. This project is SO simple and doesn’;t take a special skill…;. my kind of project!

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It’s time to get into the festive spirit, and what better way to do this than by making your very own Christmas wreaths? We have used a selection of faux foliage and accessories to create them, so not only are they completely unique, they’ll also last year after year. Follow our easy step by step guide below to start making yours, but don’t be afraid to experiment and personalise yours to suit your home and Christmas decor.

From Margaret Jankowski, The Sewing Machine Project: