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customized gifts for her Why we love cotton bed linen accent pillow case baby

A large proportion of the products we create are crafted using 100% premium cotton.

Cotton is one of the oldest and most widely used fibres around the world, known to be durable, lasting and natural.

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Cotton is available in a range of staple (fibre) lengths: shortcustomized gifts for her, medium, and long.The longer the staple length, the better quality cottonyou can expect.

We use Egyptian and Supima cottons, which are regarded as two of the most premium cottons available globally.

Why do we love cotton so much?

Cotton is a natural fibre, making it breathable for sleeping in.

Cotton is highly durable, guaranteedto last and last.

Cotton is absorbent, making it perfect for sleeping in as our bodies rejuvenate in our sleep.

Cotton is comfortable and soft. It simply feels beautiful to sleep in and is soft against our skin.

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After reading wrique's excellent instructable ?on making mitten warmers, I decided to try making a neck warmer. ?I wanted something that could be microwaved and then sit around the neck, to keep someone warm during cold winter walks. ?I came up with a design that was very popular with my girlfriend, and my mother asked me to make her one too. ?The second time around, I took pictures of the process so that I could make this instructable. ?Here is what you'll need to make your own!Materials: * Scissors * A thin, round-ended dowel * Paper and tape (optional) * Some kind of soft fabric (a square yard should be plenty) * Small scraps of a second fabric for the front of the ears (technically optional, could use same fabric) * Sewing machine with thread, sewing pins * Needle, thicker thread for embroidering face * Two roughly brick-sized packages of red beans (sorry, I forget the exact size) ?

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