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No matter how fabulous your furniture pieces, every room needs finishing touches to pull the space together. Styling a room can be challenging, and it’;s hard to find your own personal style. We’;ve spilled our secrets about styling bookshelves, consoles, and coffee tables, as well as your open kitchen shelves. But here’;s something we didn’;t mentioncustomized gifts for her, what items should you use as accessories? Here’;s one of our favorites —; hats.

Designer Maggie Griffin displays hats on an antique rack in her living room. See her whole house tour.

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There’;s no easier way to inject your own personal style into your accessories than using things that mean something to you. While we love a fantastic accessory, mixing new accessories with things you already have is a surefire way to add those final flourishes to your room. Anything can become an accessory when displayed in just the right way, and hats (felt, straw, and even top hats) bring personality to your room.

If you’;ve got a hat collection, you know how tricky it can be to store them! First and foremost, you don’;t want anything to squish their shape, plus they can take up valuable closet space. Instead, we like to hang them on the wall.

We added an asymmetrical arrangement of straw hats in an entryway creating a playful focal point right when you walk in the door. Or simply hang them on a hook in your closet.

If you’;ve got lots of open shelving, we know it can be a struggle to fill shelves in a way that’;s both functional and beautiful. We love the way a floppy brimmed hat adds an unexpected shape in an open cabinet. Just by nature shelves are so linear, which means something curvy and round (like a hat) will balance angular lines.

Take a page from iconic decorator Miles Redd’;s book and outfit a bust with a fabulous chapeau! On the left in his bedroom, Miles added a casual straw hat to a black, marble bust. The combination of laid-back straw with marble and sterling feels unexpected, and that ‘;tension’; is one of Miles’; favorite ways to bring interest to a space.

In his living roomon the right, he added a bowler hat to a classic marble bust for a cheeky detail that feels oh-so-Reddian.

Try it in your own space, and we think you’;ll be surprised how easy it is to work your favorite hat into your decor.

See more decorating ideas, browse our favorite Pinterest pins, or shop accessories at Ballard Designs.

In garment construction when you sew two pieces of fabric together the seam allowance is left on the inside of your garment (along with the raw edges of the fabric). Adding a finish to these seams will keep the fabric from fraying, give the seam a clean finished look, and add strength to the seam. Today let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ways to complete your garment with seam finishes 3 ways.

Originally published August 15, 2014.

Anyone who sews regularly knows that when you finish a project you always have a pile of thread ends (little pieces of thread you snip off). Years ago when I had a handmade business and sewed hundreds of purses a month, I noticed after a sewing session that there was this unexpected beauty in the pile of discarded thread on my sewing table. The colors all intertwined to create a wild abstract rainbow of color and texture. I just couldn’t bring myself to toss the thread scraps into the garbage. I rolled them up in a ball and realized that it sort of looked like a flower. After a few failed attempts at creating a flower from the thread scraps I perfected the process with a bit of interfacing, felt and sewing a pattern over the ‘flower’ to keep the threads from moving and the flower intact. And…the thread flower was born! The thread flower became one of my trademark designs as it was one of the most popular motifs for the bags and purses I made. For this project I took the same idea and created a pin so you can add it to just about anything.