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Hi Everyone!

I’;m very excited to announce a new part of my blog, Polka Dot Chair Sewing Patterns!! ?Back in 2008 when I started blogging, I set up a separate company for my PDF Sewing Patterns, called Fourteen May. ?I still love that company (and name) but have come to realize that I need to simplify my branding and keep all of my creative endeavors under one namecustomized gifts for her, the Polka Dot Chair.

valentines day gifts for him

I could not have guessed back then that the blog would have become such big part of my brand, I mean sometimes people don’;t even know my name, ?just that I’;m the “;polka dot chair”; girl… which I guess is a good thing.

To make things easier, you can find all of my PDF Sewing Patterns here to purchase.

I’;m also so excited to announce that the Retro Travel bag is now a PDF pattern! No more printing off weird pages from the internet with bad formatting. You can now download it as a fully formatted PDF. I’;ve included MORE information, tips and cutting layouts for you too!

I’;ve even included a 2nd pattern option for sewn purse handles! I know that many of you didn’;t like the bamboo handles, so now you have a choice!

Also included the option to fully close in the zipper placket, when I designed the pattern before the separated zipper placket didn’;t bother me, but it did a few people…….

so now I’;ve also included in the pattern the option for a fully closed off zipper.

You can find all of the patterns here on my blog… under the Pattern Shop! You just click “;buy now”; and complete your purchase and you’;ll be emailed a link to download the pattern yourself. Then you can print it at home and enjoy!

Watch for more patterns in the future, now that the book is written, my brain is starting to unfreeze, and I’;ve got a few ideas in mind for new handbags and quilts!

Now your little ones can carry your heart with them wherever they go. I had so much fun making this heart-shaped bag and I can’t wait to give it to little Scarlet on Valentine’s Day. Her enthusiasm for the holiday is raching mythical proportions, eclipsing even Christmas. Every morning she runs into my room yelling “MOMMY IS IT VALENTINE’S DAY TODAY???!?!”

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