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customized gifts for her DIY Reversible Baby Changing Pad decorative pillow shams

My friend is having a baby, so I swung by my local big box baby store. My family currently is just my hubby and me—so it was a new experience. Almost instantly, I was lost in the aisles.?

The dizzying display of strollers, bouncerscustomized gifts for her, car seats, wipes, diaper creams, shampoos and baby lotions in rainbow-colored tubes, bottles and boxes was overwhelming. After 20 minutes, I hightailed it home thinking I’d be better off with something DIY.?So I sat down at my sewing machine and came up with this totally washable reversible roll-up changing pad. And now that I’m relaxed… I may be OK enough to venture back to the baby store for a matching diaper bag? Then again, maybe I’;ll get ambitious and DIY one.

canvas throw pillow covers

1. Measure and cut your fabrics and batting.

2. Place the two pieces of 20″; by 30″; fabric on top of each other with the right sides facing in and sew across three of the sides (leave one of the two short sides open).

3. Place the batting inside the “bag” you just created and fold over the raw edges of both sides about 1″;, then iron to keep the fold.

4. To create the tie: Fold the piece of 26″; by 4″; fabric in half lengthwise with the right sides facing in and sew a seam down the open long side.

5. Turn the tie right way out.

6. Roll the tie until the seam is in the middle and iron it.

7. Fold one of the open end inside itself about 1/4″; then topstitch down each long side of the tie and across the folded short end.

8. Place one end of the tie in the middle of fabric on the short open end and pin it before sewing the open end closed with the tie inside.

I’m a part of the Cricut Design Space Star Challenge! I’m on Team #7 and we took first place last month!

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