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On our recent family vacation to Jordan, I splurged on a few absolutely beautiful Bedouin-made rugs. This rug is hand woven from camel hair and has 9 stitches per centimeter, gah it’;s so pretty (and Scarlet approved of the colors). Being that I cherish this rug like it’;s my second child, I couldn’;t let anyone do something so crazy as walk on it, could I?Nocustomized gifts for her, I just could not allow that. Scarlet has a yellow-and-pink room, and being that she talks about Jordan every single day of our lives, it just made sense to hang it on her wall. But how does one hang a rug? You could purchase a fancy rug-hanging kit, or you just DIY it with this simple solution I came up with. Learn my easy method for how to hang a rug…;

How to Hang a Rug

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First you’;ll want to get a cafe rod or sash rod curtain hanging system. You could also use a dowel, but the included hanging hardware in a kit like this makes hanging the rug much easier, and these kits only run a few dollars at your local linen store.

Here is how we want our rod to sit along the top of the rug.

Gather fabric scraps about two times the width of your rod. Use a heavier weight fabric or canvas to ensure your rug hanging apparatus lasts.

Fold each scrap in thirds lengthwise.

Finish the short edges with a serger or a hem, then fold each scrap in half and sew together to create a pocket for the rod to slide through. Don’;t worry about sizing it perfectly, we will do that in a second.

Slide your rod through a pocket and mark a sewing line, this will be your guide to sewing the pockets onto the rug so they are nice and snug to the rod:

Mark where each rod pocket will go on your rug with a pin or air erasable marker, then hand sew the pockets to the rug (or have your husband do it) along the lines you marked. Sew only through the back of the rug, making sure your stitches don’;t show on the front of the rug. You want the pocket towards the top of the rug, and the sewn edge towards the bottom.

If you have a large rug or a floppy rug, you may want to sew rod pockets along the bottom as well and attach it to the wall at the bottom and top (or even add another in the middle –; my rug is only about 3’;X5′; so I just did a top rod, but see how the bottom is flipping out a wee bit? So I think I will add another rod.).

Attach your hanging hardware to the wall.

Slip your rod onto the hardware.


Quilt for Change raises awareness on global issues that affect women and empowers quilters to become agents for social change.?Created by quilter and husband Allison and Dick Wilbur, Quilt for Change works with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva and other partner organizations to create themed quilt challenge exhibitions for display at the United Nations and in major quilt festivals in the United States.

This red, white and blue tote bag was made out of 5 cotton shirts that I purchased from my local thrift shop for 25 cents each.

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