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Today I’;m going to share with you some fun DIY Halloween Costume Ideas. I love to try to get my?family to agree to matching family Halloween costumes. This particular year I could not convince my family ALL to match for Halloween this year. ?So the girls were Witches ?&; the boys went as,?Icabod Crane &; the Headless Horseman.

I didn’;t make my husbands costume. Just “;refashioned”; it from some previous costumes and cut off some pants he didn’;t like. ?He found the hat at Disneyworld &; we picked up a scarf at Target for him to wear.

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Now my son. This was 100% his idea. ?After COMPLAINING for days that I was going to make him a costume (he just wanted to go pick one out at the store) he was walking through the craft store with me, picked up a funkin and asked: “;will this fit on my head?”; ? Wellcustomized gifts for her, that one didn’;t but he found one that did.

Turns out he was the “;hit”; of the Halloween party- he had all of the characters in the parade coming up to him to say “;hi”;. ?I cracked up when people were lining up to take photo’;s with him when we walked into the Magic Kingdom.

It totally made his night.

He had a light up necklace inside the pumpkin head, so it looked really cool at night.

Note: Now I’;m not going to tell you how to make this mostly because I‘;m just not confident enough in the design to share how to make it-?we padded ours A TON, we wanted him to be safe if he tripped and fell. I’;d hate for someone to get hurt after following my instructions. I’;ll just say, It’;s got plumbing insulation around the neck and LOTS of padding inside the head- still, not the best for walking around in. ?He held our hands the ENTIRE night.

He was a great sport and really “;hammed it up”; all night- His favorite thing to do was to make funny faces with the pumpkin head…; here is is “;laughing”;.

The Halloween party was a blast and I’;d recommend it to anyone. ?You can’;t beat riding Big Thunder Mountain railroad in a witches costume, right when the fireworks start…;

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Quilt for Change raises awareness on global issues that affect women and empowers quilters to become agents for social change.?Created by quilter and husband Allison and Dick Wilbur, Quilt for Change works with the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva and other partner organizations to create themed quilt challenge exhibitions for display at the United Nations and in major quilt festivals in the United States.

This red, white and blue tote bag was made out of 5 cotton shirts that I purchased from my local thrift shop for 25 cents each.

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