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Our Crew member, Cristin Stevenson is an artist like no other with her dark grungy paintings. Today, she shares with us one of her pieces where she used Tattered?Angels?mists and an Architextures base to create this dark, reaction provoking canvas.

‘;Every time we create we are telling a story. That story might be told in the form of a glimpse into our lives, our experiences, our thoughts and feelings. Today, my story is based around one of my passions…;. collecting! One of my favorite things to collect is vintage “;creepy”; dolls. ?Among dollspersonalized photo gifts for her, I also love things that look rusted, grungy and old.’; –; she explains her approach to art.

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Today, I’;m incorporating all of those things into one mixed media canvas filled with deep colors, rich texture and yes, a story of me. This story honors the love of old dolls and the story that they carry inside of them. I didn’;t want to paint on this particular doll, so instead I made a mold of its face, poured some plaster —; and used that plaster piece along with Tattered Angels, 7gypsies and Canvas Corp products. I hope you enjoy?the video and my musings along the way.

Materials used:Canvas Corp 6 x 12 canvas 7gypsies –; Architextures Small Base –; Medallion Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist –; Gold, Coffee Shop,?Tokyo,?Dragonfly,?Tarnished Silver Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam –;?Golden Goddess Tattered Angels High Impact –; Black,?Antique Gold DecoArt Media –; Crackle Paste DecoArt Media –; White Gesso DecoArt Media –; Modeling Paste Stencil Girl –; Rose Window StencilHeat Gun Hot Glue Gun Palette Knife Paintbrushes

Layered mediums and glimmer mists create amazing texture and color! To create this texture in particular, I used a palette knife to scrape a layer of crackle paste, then I used a heat gun to quickly heat it up. The result is big, gnarly bubbles! When I sprayed glimmer mist over the top, it really makes it pop!

I love this Architextures Medallion but to make it a bit more unique to me, I also used a StencilGirl stencil with modeling paste as the bottom layer. It is a very subtle trick —; but I think it adds a lot to the medallion. In the video, I also use hot glue to help adhere it to the canvas. The Architexture pieces already come with a sticky back and glue isn’;t totally necessary, but since I knew I was later going to attach a plaster face, I wanted it to be a bit stronger and even more bonded to the canvas.

Another way of adding interesting texture is to create drips and also use the Glimmer Mist nozzle to “;draw”; on the canvas, as pictured here!

The creative process is often a messy one, isn’;t it? Here, I have attached the plaster face with hot glue. This face was molded from one of my own vintage dolls!

I used a bit of white paint on my finger (hooray –; finger painting!) to bring out some of the stencil/medallion from the background. Then, I added white dots. This process is so meditative and calming…; try it sometime!

One last up close and personal shot of the beautiful rich color and texture that I achieved.

Would you like to watch the whole process up-close? Your wish is our command…;

To see more of Cristin’;s amazing creations, visit her blog and Instagram.

Have a creative day!!!

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