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Some well-known facts: toy cars are cool, toy cars roll best on hard surfaces, hard surfaces hurt your bottom after a while. We came across this totally fun Michael Miller fabric and knew it would make a dandy play mat. Though we usually try to keep our projects to simple squares and rectangles here at Sew4Home, this one cried out for an interesting shape. I mean, reallypersonalized photo gifts for her, if you're playing cars, doesn't it make much more sense for your play mat to be in the shape of a retro car and trailer?

A downloadable pattern is offered below, so you don't have to puzzle over that. The car and trailer hook together with Velcro; pull them apart for smaller spaces and/or to give two race car drivers their own mats. Each also has a handle, so you can Haul It to and fro ... or fling it about like a super hero cape, which is what our Haul It model found quite amusing. So many uses ... so little time.

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We originally used Haul It by Michael Miller Fabrics, which is no longer available. You might like On Our Way by Riley Blake Designs, City Construction Traffic by Benartex or Retromobilia by Clothworks.?

This project is large and thick and could be a challenge for some sewing machines. Our Signature Sponsor, Janome provides all our machines, and all of them have what Janome calls an 'extra high presser foot lift.' This means that once you raise the presser foot, you can exert a bit more lift with your hand and raise up the presser foot even higher, allowing bulky layers of fabric to slide easily under the needle. This feature, or something similar, is a MUST for this project.

There are also a lot of circles and curves to sew. If you feel like you're fighting with too much fabric to easily maneuver, do what the quilters do, roll the right edge of your project so it fits better in your machine's bed area and is easier to turn.

Contributors Project Design: Alicia Thommas?Sample Creation: Michelle Pacheco

Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.??Enhance an?accent wall?in your home with a mesmerizing mandala pattern. ?Our Mandalas Stencils?are perfect for adding an exotic splash of pattern to any bare wall.?Today we’re sharing a DIY stenciled accent wall using our Radiance?Mandala Stencil from the NEW Mandala Collection.

Memphis is the name of a dynamic 1980’s design movement where bold colors, bending lines, kitsch decor took center stage. As we all know, trends come back around and it seems like now is the time for Memphis to shine again. Here, Ruby June takes over a space with shapes and squiggles to show you how you can do the same in your own home.

We started our Save a Recipe Series linking you to some great recipe ideas and sharing our suggestions on you you can save a recipe. ?We wanted to share Rhea’s project today. ?All the recipes are tucked into our favorite little 7gypsies crates where they look great sitting out in the kitchen, on a kitchen desk top or on a shelf to be seen by all. ?Gone are the days of cook books lining the shelves of your kitchen, making room for all to see. ?Creative ideas that are functional too and perfect for yourself or amazing as gifts. ?The Farmhouse Kitchen Collection looks great with a little distressing as if it has been in the family for decades.