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Your sleep system should be tailored to your life. Often overlooked as a humdrum article of furniture, your the foundation has the potential to be the perfect juxtaposition of function and fashion, benefiting your life in ways a boring box spring never could.

From high-tech adjustable beds that would make a robot swoonpersonalized photo gifts for her, to a simple yet sturdy platform bed with storage, what you rest your mattress on before you rest your head matters. When you think about what you want from your bed frame — aside from keeping your mattress off the floor and looking good in your room — consider the following:

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If only there were a quick, fun way to help you decide. Hold on…;we just found?this awesome quiz in our back pocket to do just that! You can use it if you want…;we’re just that nice.

Now you’re just a few questions away from true mattress-foundational clarity.

Don’t be shy about sharing on social! The?foundation of a great friendship?simple: friends don’;t let friends sleep on crappy bed frames.

This morning a reader alerted us to the possible dangers of some wood shipping pallets, of toxic chemicals leaching from treated woods (required by law to prevent insect infestations, although not all treatments involve chemicals), or of contamination by e-coli and other pathogens (a bi-product of being used to transport food or being exposed to animals and birds). Although we recommended using new wood pallets, we’ve discovered that these can be subject to chemical treatments as well.

(Video link here.) Recently, while discussing ?a particuarly stylish Ikea creation, our friend Maria remarked: “I figure Ikea’s stuff is only good for about 5 years.” Suddenly, we flashed on all the discarded particle board Ikea storage units we’d seen on New York City streets. In the long run, Ikea can simply be a waste of money.

Give trick-or-treaters a spooky surprise with these special wrappers. The round heads of?lollipops?are anatomically suited to recreate one of Halloween's best-loved symbols.?And all you need is a pleated?coffee filter.