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This homeware hotspot, with two premises in Auckland, is filled with creative interior finds, from tribal fabrics and juju hats to exotic materials and unique art

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One of the first things that hits you when you walk into Republic Home is the variety. David Peez, the owner of this Auckland homeware institution, says he prefers his Ponsonby and Parnell stores to not be pigeonholed by just one interiors style. “We don’t have a single aesthetic that we stick topersonalized photo gifts for her,” he says. “We like to play with various looks, in the same way our customers may want different styles for different houses, rooms or stages of life.”

Catering for those who dare to be different, pink chandeliers hang from the shop ceiling, patchwork rugs in sea blue and orange spread out across the floor, and artworks are painted in hues that scream of summer. Bright juju hats adorn the walls while occasional chairs in vintage suzanis (embroidered cloths from central Asia) embrace colour and pattern. For those with a more subtle approach to decorating, there are goatskin ottomans, consoles and cabinets in beautiful woods and various stains, while storage baskets in soft taupe and white stripes soften any setting.

Different fabrics and materials create texture - a key design element for neutral settings ?

Republic Home’s homeware and furniture is hand-picked from locations such as India, Vietnam and the Middle East. With a preference for environmentally and ethically conscious manufacturers, its offerings include items made from recycled materials. Its Boatwood cabinet, for instance, is made from the wood of old Indonesian boats, the original paint colours kept in all their glory.

When it comes to bringing colour into a home, David plumps for art and cushions. “Some of the common mistakes people make when it comes to using colour are mixing cool and warm shades and forgetting to consider the natural light in a space,” he says.

When creating a beautiful interior with neutrals, he suggests embracing texture by using different fabrics and materials, such as metal and wood. Indoor plants are another great asset, he advises, giving “life” to a space.

Words by: Catherine Steel.?Photography by: Helen Bankers.

If there’s one thing you know to expect in every Nancy Meyers film, it’s that the heroine always lives in an impeccably decorated home (see Diane Keaton’s Hamptons house in Something’s Gotta Give or Meryl Streep’s Santa Barbara abode in It’s Complicated for further proof). And it seems like that stylish decor sense runs in the family if her daughter Hallie Meyers-Shyer’s new film, Home Again—which Meyers is a producer on—is any indication.

Don’t knock-knock it till you tried it.

You know the one. The project that isn’t just an idea in your head, it’s a half-done eyesore you’ve been putting up with forever. But for some reason it seems easier to ignore, then to finish.