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personalized photo gifts for her Design Of The Day 6 - Romantic And Feminine funny cushion covers

Welcome to our design special on romantic and feminine looks for the home. Romance is often associated with the bedroom but we think that you can bring this into any room - if not all! When a room is romantic, you fall in love with it as it makes you feel special and when you add femininity, it really has a knack of flirting with the soul.

These rooms are upliftingpersonalized photo gifts for her, happy and loving - they play with the senses and display creativity and a warm heart. Take a look at the inspiration we rounded up for you and give it a whirl in your own homes. · The lounge can also work this look really well with a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Choose a period-looking sofa and armchairs upholstered in a feminine colour such as a mint green or dusky pink.

burlap throw pillow covers

White coffee table or end tables with curves, a white pendant light or floor lamp and an antique birdcage painted white for a cool accessory. Dress up windows with patterned blinds and floor length curtains in a bolder colour such as oriental red or hot pink. We don't suggest you go with an all pink and white room - use a third colour such as lime green curtains in accents to keep it looking fresh and fun.

Last but not least, try this look in the kitchen and enhance your love for cooking! An open plan kitchen-dining room could have a quick update with a feature wall dressed with a pink and white wallpaper design, a white dining table and kitchen cabinets. If this is too floaty then you can ground it by having a dark floor either with wooden floorboards or a dark grey/black floor tile. Patterned kitchen blinds will bring the look together.

The bedroom does make it easy to create a romantic and feminine look; what with all those bedding fabrics, ideas for window treatments and the naturally laid-back vibe. What could be more romantic than an elegant four poster bed with canopy? To make it really feminine you should choose a light wood or metallic frame as opposed to the moodier dark woods or wrought iron.

If you have period or architectural features in your bedroom then it can be taken as a bonus - wood beam ceilings, old fireplaces or large windows are incredibly beautiful. Go for a naturally dreamy fabric to make your canopy, a patchwork duvet cover and use pink in accents for pillows or throws.

Thao Huynh from?7th Bone Tailoring?demonstrates a?fast & easy way to make a custom beanie hat from your favorite old sweaters. You can substitute a sweater for any knit fabric or garment with generous stretch and soft hand feel. This is a great way to upcycle any knits in your closet that may be damaged beyond repair.

Decorating Dilemmasis a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.

If you are like me, in that once you get into bed you don't want to get out again, particularly on those cold mornings then this could be the perfect solution. These bed pockets provide easily accessible storage for books, mobile phones, iPads and glasses. A useful addition to any bedroom! Or it can also be used on the arm of the couch to keep that pesky remote control in sight.