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Conservatories and sun rooms are a fantastic add on to any home offering extra space, a unique and relaxing location and increased value to your home.Their location on the periphery of your garden and surrounded by so much light makes them ideal places for sitting relaxing or entertaining friends and family.Because of their dependency or close relationship with the weather however people often consider conservatories as solely summer rooms.As autumn fast approaches however this articles tells you how to make your conservatory an all year round location within your home.

The key feature of a conservatory or sun room is the vast amount of glass allowing maximum light and views of the garden and outdoors.In winter, especially during dark nights, this can create a cold and unwelcoming room that makes you feel exposed and not at ease.To reduce this feeling the obvious solution is to hang curtains that will reduce the amount of glass and add to a cosy and warm atmosphere.These curtains however will look heavy and inappropriate during warmer summer months.As a compromise why not consider tenting your ceiling with long panels of fabric in neutral tones or fun deck chair type stripes.

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These piecespersonalized photo gifts for her, if in light tones, will create a fantastic sense of atmosphere and help to keep the room warm during colder months and cool during hotter months.If hung on small hooks attached to the window batons you can even remove the panels during the summer if preferred and to wash regularly.Alongside this, why not hang coordinating roller blinds from the bottom of each panel to continue this effective look but also enable you to enclose the space further.Unlike more bulky and obvious roman, Venetian or vertical blinds a roller blind can be lifted off the window completely to offer a very versatile yet highly effective dressing for your windows.

Alongside dressing windows for the cooler parts of the year you can also use lighting, accessories and soft furnishings to further enhance a cosy and welcoming feel.For example, why not add scatter cushions in warm autumnal colours such as burgundy, rusty orange, cranberry and sage green.Add to this a beautiful textured rug and a handful of chunky church candles or even incense to give the room a real sense of luxury and depth.

You could even create a seasonal flower decoration to again help and bring the outdoors in.Collect a handful of branches and stand in a tall vase perhaps even draping fairy lights within.Fill a bowl with conkers, dried fruit, seeds and leaves as a small decoration on a side or coffee table.Even consider finding a large log and use it as a decoration on a window ledge, a door stop or level off one side to create a small drink’s table.All these pieces will have a short shelf life unless treated but are generally free to find and can be removed as the weather improves come springtime.

Boys are sometimes a little difficult to come up with sewing projects for.? Okay, not true, there really are so many cute things to make them…..but when you compare it to GIRLS, it seems like there’s a lot less.? However, I do have to say, the retail world has seriously stepped up their game in the past 5 years or so.? There are definitely SO MANY more darling things to buy for Oliver (who’s 19 months) than when Connor (who is 7) was a baby.? So thank you clothing designers out there. :)

Scarlet and I were looking for a fun craft to while away an afternoon, and my studio contains massive amounts of tissue paper (we love tissue paper). She’d been wanting to make a sign to put on the door to her room, and I wanted to try a new way of making a tissue paper sign. So, we rolled a bunch of cute little rosettes and made her a beautiful “S”. This project is easy-peasy and turns out so pretty! Let me show you how we made our Tissue Paper Rosette Letter after the jump…

Hey, Loves! Here’s a lovely easy to make?summer home project. This project can take you less than half an hour to make. This hanging shelf will sit perfect near the window, bed or even bath tub. You can hang ?all the favorite trinkets or plants on them.