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personalized photo gifts for her MAKE YOUR BACKYARD MORE FESTIVE THIS SUMMER TIME floral cushion covers

Make your backyard more festive this summertime by enlisting the help of garden torches. There's just something about a flickering flame that is both comforting and exciting.Even though they’re very simple, primitive even, garden torches are also wonderful and alluring. We perceive fire as comforting and for this reason garden torches are often used to set a pleasant ambiance in yards, gardens and outdoor settings in general. Fuel-lit torches provide ambient lighting and can also fend off mosquitos and other nighttime insects when used with citronella.

Setting the mood for any outdoor eventpersonalized photo gifts for her, a garden torch is a great way to make backyard barbecues, outdoor weddings or just casual drinks in the yard feel summery and festive. With the start to summer and backyard entertaining, it's time to pull out the barbecue, beach balls and torches. garden torcheslight up the night, and with Citronella torch fuel, they are a helpful way to help repel mosquitos during outdoor parties.

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Equally space your Garden torches throughout your backyard or patio. Always place torches 5 feet to 7 feet apart for the best perimeter lighting and ambiance. Do not place torches under trees, overhangs or near other flammable materials. Position torches at least 6 feet away from the house or other structures. Make sure to place your torches 6 inches to 8 inches into the ground or use a torch stake or stand for extra stability.


When pouring fuel into torch or table torch, pour slowly. Replace cap after each use. Always store in and dispense fuel from original container. Always keep fuel and open flames away from children. For outdoor use only. As with all natural flame products there is an inherent risk, so do not leave the product unattended.


Most torches come with a snuffer cap attached to the wick ring of each torch. This acts as both an extinguisher and protective housing for the wick. To extinguish your torch, carefully place the snuffer cap over the wick so that it covers it completely. Replace the snuffer cap to protect the wick from the elements once the wick is cool.

Where do I even begin with this one? It would have to start months ago when we finally started working on the plans to renovate our kitchen. The biggest change of all in our kitchen was removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room and turning it into a 9-foot wide cased opening. Removing the wall means that our dining room would be visible to us pretty much all the time (since we spend so much of our time in the kitchen when we are home). That meant it was finally time to make the dining room feel more like us.

Summer is the perfect time to gather all your neighbors. With kids out of school and everyone looking to get outside and enjoy the weather, there is no better way to start the summer than with a neighborhood block party!

We LOVED the Printable Cutlery Pouches that Sibylle from Funky Time did this spring, and now she’s brought them back for a few spooky and creative ideas for Halloween. A free printable just for your Halloween party table.