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It’s a fact that houses are getting smaller. The average British home is now almost half the size it was a hundred years ago. On one level a smaller home can actually fit in well with a modern lifestyle as it is easy to maintain- less time cleaning means more time living. The problem is that as our houses are getting smaller, the stack of “stuff” we own gets bigger and bigger! We are a nation of consumers, an island of hoarders- we can’t get enough of our “stuff”!!

The loft is bowing under the weight of boxes, the garage is crammed to capacity and the cupboard under stairs is now bursting- heck, if you’re a trendy city dweller you may not even have a loftpersonalized photo gifts for her, garage or cupboard under the stairs! Luckily for you, those little geniuses at Terry’s have took a break from the usual table lamps and curtain poles and put their heads together to come up with a range of ingenious storage solutions, which will not only allow you to hide away your knick-knacks without the need for digging out your own personal land-fill site but also let you do it in style.

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Each item has been designed to not only save the style of your room from the dreaded clutter but to actually enhance it! Understanding that not every house is the same, Terry’s have created a varied selection of products ranging from the traditional to ultra modern meaning there is something to suit all tastes. What does this mean? It means you no longer have any excuse for waiting for spring to do the spring clean- clutter-free is a year-round concept, not just a pipe dream!

First in the range is the Russian doll style box storage. Made up of six boxes, each fitting into the other so that when not in use they take up very little room, this handy storage system can be used in so many problem areas around the home. Whilst the larger boxes make fantastic washing baskets or stow away places for seasonal clothes, the smaller boxes can be used on a dresser or bathroom shelf as jewellery boxes or pamper points.

Available in a variety of quality finishes such as light linen or floral motif, these boxes are designed to be seen! Stacked in a row along the top of a wardrobe not only due they utilise what is usually dead space but they really add to the décor. A great product at a great price, take a look to see which finish is your favourite.

Also as part of the new storage range is a tradition collection of quaint and beautifully detailed jewellery and tea boxes. All coming in a luxurious dark walnut finish, featuring display windows and brass edging they are worth their money as ornaments alone. Perfect in any period style or traditional English interior, you are sure to fall in love with these stunning little boxes.

If you are always losing your remote down the side of the settee then last item is sure to be a favourite. Not only is the TV caddy a fantastically well thought out piece of table top design but it is also fantastically quirky- bound to become a real talking point. Sat on a rotating base and able to store up to six remotes, this brilliantly handy little gadget will bring out your inner couch potato!

Today I’m insanely excited and insanely terrified to tell you about something that I’ve been working on for most of the summer. My very first line of quilting cotton fabric! I actually came up with the idea for this line of fabric 2 years ago but then just sat and let the idea “simmer” for a while…Mostly trying to decide if I was brave enough to give fabric design a shot. ?I’m a thinker and I have to have a vision for the finished project before I can get started. Then last May after we got home from the Kentucky Oaks, the ideas just started to flow out of me, and Derby Style Fabric was born.

Welcome back! Let’s get this thing looking more quilt-like.

Okay, I can’t even tell you how excited I am that my kiddos decided to do the same theme this year for Halloween costumes.? We have done the same theme many, many times (here are all the costumes HERE)….but the last two years, they’ve all kinda wanted to go in different directions with their costumes, and that’s totally okay.? But right after last year (when Connor and Oliver wore Star Wars Costumes and Ellie and Chloe wore Butterfly costumes), they started talking about how they missed all dressing up together.? They decided then and there that they wanted to do the same thing.? I think Ellie was kind of the ringleader of that discussion and the others chimed in and agreed with her! Ha!