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This post has been sponsored by NewAir. However, all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Y'all, our poor refrigerator is filled to the brim ALL THE TIME. We rarely eat out, which means we cook at home all the time. We also do a lot of shopping at Costco to keep our grocery bill down. It had gotten to the point that we could only put a few drinks in the fridge at a time because we just didn't have room for more. And we were having to go to the grocery store more often because we couldn't fit more than one gallon of milk in the fridge at a time. I know, I know, this is a total first world problem and the fact that our home is so abundant in food for our family is a HUGE blessing. Butpersonalized photo gifts for her, we really wanted an affordable and practical solution.

We found it!!!! We got an amazing NewAirABR-960 Beverage Cooler. It's a 96-can capacity beverage cooler that is fully adjustable to accommodate cans or bottles. The cooler, which is designed to fit under standard counters, can also be used as a standalone unit. You can learn all my NewAir beverage cooler by clicking here. Oh, and if you need wine storage, NewAir has you covered, too–;you can check out the available wine fridge's on NewAir's website as well.

We were super lucky that we had this weird niche where the former owners must have had a small wine fridge or something because it had an outlet in place already. We stored random mixing bowls and cutting boards in it.

We removed the drawer and then cut out the shelf as well.

The dimensions of our New Air beverage cooler fit the space perfectly, so we plugged it in and slid it into place.

It keeps all of our drinks perfectly cool. It also has this blue light you can turn on, which makes me feel super fancy :)

As you can see, our NewAir beverage cooler holds a whole extra gallon of milk in it, Half N' Half, beer, soda (I'm addicted to Fresca), juice boxes AND bottled water. We don't typically have juice boxes and bottled water on hand, but we are having friends and their kids over this weekend, so we bought them just for the occasion and were thrilled to have somewhere to put them other than on the floor of our garage! When we have fewer drinks in it, we use it to store snacks like cheese sticks, for our twin girls. Toss them into a shallow tupperware container and it fits perfectly on one of the shelves :)

Isn't it AWESOME?! It's exactly the solution we needed and wanted.

Want one for yourself? You may be in luck! You can enter to win your very own below!

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And to learn even more about the features of this awesome beverage cooler, check out this YouTube video.

pillow covers farmhouse

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