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personalized photo gifts for her Why you need flannelette bed linen accent pillow case baby

Discover the blissful warmth and breathable comfort of our luxurious cotton flannelette. Interior stylist Vanessa Colyer Tay shares her expert advice on styling flannelette bed linen for autumn.

As the cooler months approach, how do you change your bed linen to keep warm?

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Firstly I switch from linen and cotton sheets to flannelette, it’s the toastiest textile for hugging cold little toes. I have extra throws and blankets on hand, and when winter is in full swing I switch to heavier weight quilts.

When did you first add flannelette into your bed linen collection?

I’ve always had flannelette sheets in the linen cupboard, ever since I was young because by mother’s a fan. I started with hand-me-downs and have since ventured into more stylish and modern versions. Flannelette quilt covers are a more recent addition though. I love how the textile effortlessly drapes on the bedpersonalized photo gifts for her, there’s no crunchiness or coldness, just fluid bed linen lines, and 100% cosiness.

Grenville Flannelette quilt, Grenville Flannelette sheet set, Sanders cushion

Our Grenville sheets and quilt cover set speak to the marle trend, with its brushed cotton marle weave, what do you love about this trend?

In a winter bedroom I aim for softness and subtle texture, so amarle finish is perfect. It’s almost a block colour or tone, but is visually softer on the eye – that’s why I love it.

How do you style your flannelette bed linen to keep the bedroom feeling fresh?

For added freshness to my bed of deeper tones, I’ll add in a small touch of something in a lighter, contrasting tone. Cushions or throws that have their own rich sense of texture work beautifully. I love knits and velvets for this.Additionally, Ilike styling beds with an oversized quilt, so if it’s a queen sized bed I’ll style with a king sized quilt. Visually the bed appears more abundant andwhen sleeping under it you’re rarely required to quilt snatch from your partner in the dark of a cool night. Win win!



Boys are sometimes a little difficult to come up with sewing projects for.? Okay, not true, there really are so many cute things to make them…..but when you compare it to GIRLS, it seems like there’s a lot less.? However, I do have to say, the retail world has seriously stepped up their game in the past 5 years or so.? There are definitely SO MANY more darling things to buy for Oliver (who’s 19 months) than when Connor (who is 7) was a baby.? So thank you clothing designers out there. :)

Scarlet and I were looking for a fun craft to while away an afternoon, and my studio contains massive amounts of tissue paper (we love tissue paper). She’d been wanting to make a sign to put on the door to her room, and I wanted to try a new way of making a tissue paper sign. So, we rolled a bunch of cute little rosettes and made her a beautiful “S”. This project is easy-peasy and turns out so pretty! Let me show you how we made our Tissue Paper Rosette Letter after the jump…

Hey, Loves! Here’s a lovely easy to make?summer home project. This project can take you less than half an hour to make. This hanging shelf will sit perfect near the window, bed or even bath tub. You can hang ?all the favorite trinkets or plants on them.