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personalized photo gifts for her Cloud & Ribbon Rainbow Decorative Pillow customized gifts for mom

It’;s day two of Ribbon Week sponsored by The Ribbon Retreat, and it’;s no wonder that Clare is over the moon about the event after helping to make this Cloud &; Rainbow Ribbon Travel Pillow. This is a simple project with stunning results. A beautiful handmade gift for anyone who loves rainbows. And who doesn’;t love rainbows? I do have to admit that I was tempted to make a rain cloud with shimmering streamers of ribbon rain falling down. I still might, I like a little gloom.

Let’;s do it!Print out and tape the free cloud pattern.

funny standard pillowcases

Cut out 2 layers of the full cloud shape and 2 layers of the pocket. We used Robert Kaufman Essex Linen in White from Fabricworm.

With right-side-facing sew along the top edge of the pocket.

Snip the corner of the curve.

Turn pocket right-side-out, iron flat and add an accent stitch to the top edge. I will avoid hand sewing at most any cost but this quick row of yellow hand-stitching really added a lot.

Set pocket aside and start to arrange your rainbow.? I used a combination of Satin &; Grosgrain ribbon and a variety of widths. FYIpersonalized photo gifts for her, if you lay this out on your ironing board, it will save you some time in the next step. Note: If this pillow will be used unsupervised by a younger child, consider making the ribbons shorter for safety, as several readers suggested.

Lay a strip of Heat n Bond across the top of the ribbons. (the ends of the ribbon that will end up inside the pillow) and iron.

If you overlap the ribbons, the heat n bond won’;t hold them all, so add a few pins where needed.

Grab your pocket.

Cut an 8in length of ribbon for the handle.

Place a small piece of Thermoweb Heat’;n Bond in the fold of the ribbon and seal per instructions

the handle as shown on the “;right side”; of one back layer of the fabric. Add the pocket, facing up.

Next place the row of ribbon on top of the pocket facing up and pin. Next place the other outer cloud (the back) on top of the ribbon pile, right side facing down.

Leaving a small space on one of the sides above the pocket, sew all the way around the pillow. Be sure to leave all that lovely ribbon tucked inside.

Cut off the excess ribbon in a nice straight line.

Take a minute to snip any inside angles.

Turn the pillow right-side-out through the hole.

Put that Ribbon Week loving girl to work! Stuff that pillow! Make sure the stuffing makes it into the far depths of the cloud.

If you would like a little pal for your cloud (and if you have a 2yr-6yr old daughter, you would) make a small felt sun for your pillow pocket.

You can even leave one ray of sun long to tether into the stuffing hole of the pillow.

Stitch up the pillow opening with a blind stitch.

Trim your ribbon bottoms with pinking shears (or a lighter) and you’;re done!

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