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personalized photo gifts for her Ideas for Tags for the Neighbor Christmas Treats! customized baby gifts

Cute idea for tags for neighbor treats for Christmas. Layer the tag on a doily with a paper bow, could even use with store bought treatspersonalized photo gifts for her, find out more below!

I hope you’;re not sick of Christmas!! ?I’;ve got a few more projects to share. ?The timing wasn’;t right before Christmas (don’;t want to ruin any surprises!)…; I’;m going to share them this week…; here’;s my first “;belated Christmas”; project.

pillow cover home decor

We have a family tradition of delivering our neighbor treats on Christmas Eve. It didn’;t start out as a tradition, more of a procrastination on my part…; A few years ago I just decided to go with it and plan on delivering on Christmas eve every year.

This December I’;ve not been feeling well and I knew that mass baking was not in my future. ? So instead we went to Trader Joe’;s and bought all sorts of their yummy Christmas treats to pass out.

To dress up the treats I made some simple gift tags using some Rhonna Designs art. ?I used the tag from the Merry Christmas Stickers Digital Kit.

In photoshop I added the word “;sweet”; and our name. ?I then printed the tags out on textured card stock and cut them into tag shapes. ?I added a fun paper bow and glued them to some doilies.

Then just attached them to our treats.

If you are a mom or going to be a mom in the near future, you are busy planning, preparing and doing.? To aide you in this, what better resource is there than the internet for inspirational ideas, advice, and amazing pictures on any topic. ?The challenge is that the internet can also be a black hole of sorts, with millions of websites, products, and blogs (just do a Google search on baby ideas and tell me which of the 315 Million results is most relevant to you?).? How does one navigate this resource, and avoid being lost in the abyss?

?Home designing

It might come as a surprise to know that during the course of a lifetime you will spend about one third of it actually sleeping, therefore it would make total sense to have the bedroom in your home as comfortable as possible. This is after all the room that you go to relax and unwind and get a restful night's sleep. So if you're considering within the near future of redecorating your bedroom, you could think of spoiling yourself and make your bedroom a luxurious place to be! If you have a budget that will allow you to buy top of the range furniture, this will be an indulgence that will surely pay dividends.