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personalized photo gifts for her More Mainstream Media Coverage Brings the Dangers of Toxics to the Forefront accent pillow case baby

The truth about the effects of toxic chemicals in our everyday lives is getting more mainstream media attention now than ever. Just last week, Time magazine published a list of ten common household toxins that ‘mounting evidence’ shows may be linked to health problems.

Here’s the list, along with where these chemicals are commonly found:

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1. Bisphenol A (BPA) –; food wrap, water bottles and other plastics

2. Oxybenzone –; moisturizers, sunscreens, lip balm

3. Flouride –; toothpastepersonalized photo gifts for her, tap water

4. Parabens –; moisturizers, hair care and shaving products

5. Phthalates –; skin care treatment products, crib mattresses, toys, shower curtains, just about everything made with pliable PVC/vinyl

6. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) –; chewing gum, snack foods, diaper creams

7. Perflouroctanoic Acid –; tap water, teflon and non-stick pots and pans

8. Perchlorate –; drinking water, soil

9. Decabromodiphenyl Ether (DECA) –; flame retardant in electronics, furniture, carpets

10. Asbestos –; insulation, drywall, artificial fireplace logs, toys

The Time article doesn’t give a lot of information on each chemical and, of course, the actual list of toxic chemicals commonly found is in the thousands. But that’s not the point.

The important thing is that they are writing about it –; more people are being educated, the powers that be will be more motivated to bring the issue to the top of their agenda, change will occur at a more accelerated rate, and we’ll all be living healthier lives.

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