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I hope that you’;re enjoying stitching along with the “;Block of the Month”; series here on the Polka Dot Chair! ?Today I thought I’;d share with you a few more quilt block ideas and catch you up a bit on?the progress that I’;ve made with my personal blocks for the series!

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Hi there! I just wanted to pop in here and chat a bit more about the blocks that I made for the December Block of the Month. ?I was having some camera trouble after Christmas and only posted illustrations of the December block, now that the issues are resolved I thought I’;d share with you a few photos?of the finished block. I also wanted to chat a bit about my thought process when designing the block.

I realized that over the course of the last few years I have picked up quite a few tips for?constructing?Half Square Triangles (HST’;s). Enough I’;ve decided,?for an entire blog post, so watch for that next week. In the meantime if YOU have any tips for stitching HST’;s please share them in the commentspersonalized photo gifts for her, I’;d love to include a bunch of reader tips (with proper credit) in the post.

Okay, now onto the December block. ?I want the design of the finished quilt to have a good balance of blocks with a lot of negative space and blocks that are visually a bit more heavy. Meaning, not as much background. ?The star and plus blocks had quite a bit of negative space, while the pinwheel block did not. ?To keep things balanced I designed this block to have more impact and color than some of the?previous blocks.

I did a little bit of finagling in Photoshop and laid out the?quilt a bit so that you can start to get a vision?for what it will look like when it’;s done. ?(minus any sashing or cornerstones)…; ?It will be a true sampler quilt, since each block will be unique.

These are blocks from my PINK quilt. I didn’;t start out intending it to be mostly pink, but I think it’;s going that way and I kinda like it, so I’;m just sticking with it. ?Do you recognize the bunnies in the blocks? Those are from Wonderland, I am cutting up the strike off sample fabric and using it?everywhere I get the chance! This block, as well as the next one I’;ll show you, are a monochromatic color scheme. The fabrics I selected were all variations of the same color.

For the block for my “;low volume background”; quilt I added a strip of yellow just to break it up a bit.

other blocks in this quilt:

Here is another monochromatic block, stitched up in all green fabrics. It’;s a block from my Christmas quilt. ?I am debating about stopping this quilt at 9 blocks, we will have to see how the year progresses before I decide. ?So far it’;s turning out to be one of my favorites.

other blocks from this quilt:

For the block for my teenage sons quilt I decided instead of a monochromatic color scheme, to make them intentionally different colors. I thought about it a bit like creating my own striped fabric. ?I love how the orange and navy’;s are working together and so far my son approves (fingers crossed that continues).

other blocks from this quilt (I still need to stitch up the November block for this quilt):

I hope that you’;re enjoying making the blocks. I’;ve been doing my best to answer all of your questions as they come in via email, facebook and the blog. ?Feel free to leave questions in the comments section, I’;ll answer them there, then everyone will have the benefit of an answer!

We are now 1/3 of the way done!! ?If you’;re behind, don’;t stress!!! The blocks are all pretty simple and you should be able to catch up quickly!

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